Patient Testimonials

O Shot Patient Testimonial

O Shot Patient Testimonial

"My husband and I went and met with Dr. Roy. She spent over an hour with us going over the tests, answering loads of questions, and making suggestions. First, I was given pellets (which are a combination of testosterone and estrogen). With her expertise, it only took a couple of times to get my dose right and they have totally diminished my hot flashes - what a wonderful thing! I was also given progesterone pills and now I can sleep through the night. Additionally, she made suggestions about my diet.

However, the pellets did nothing for my libido. I discussed options with Dr. Roy and eventually decided to get the "O Shot." OMG!!!! It has totally worked for me. It took approximately two weeks for it to kick in, but did not totally start kicking in until about two months. I have been on the upside ever since. I would totally recommend it to everyone as it has been a great experience for me.

I now have the desire back and there is definitely no dryness; I finally feel like a woman again. If the day comes and the "O Shot" wears out, I will definitely be the first one to sign up for another shot. For ladies that are worried about pain, it does not hurt!!! "

T. A. who came to the office for help during menopause

"I had been feeling so yucky and I had no get up and go, stomach issues, and other bad feelings. I had done some research on my symptoms was sure I was going through menopause. Then I started looking into hormone replacement therapy. I found Dr. Roy about a year ago and she was so nice and sweet and she said, 'I can help you in more ways than one.'

She went through several things with me, including diet, (bioidentical) hormone replacement therapy, etc... I filled out a questionnaire when I went into her office that scored things that were wrong and I scored well over 100 when I first took the test. Now I would score in the low teens!

So the more I talked to her, it came out that I was born without a certain body part and a clitoris is pretty important for a woman. I was married and had children but somehow this was never identified. I had even had surgery on my urethra and it should have been caught then, but it was not.

We discussed that I needed to have surgery to expose the clitoris. I had an O-Shot before that and had feeling in that area for the first time in my life. After the surgery to expose the clitoris, I had a second shot.

I'm in my 50's and I'm finally like 'Oh this is what everyone is talking about and prior to this, I did not even know what it was supposed to feel like!' Dr. Roy has basically opened up a whole new world for me.

People might wonder how this can happen, but in my day, we did not talk about this kind of thing. Even now it is bizarre to talk about it, but I would not want anyone else to go through what I went through - which includes a bad marriage and divorce and bad sex life for years.

The O-Shot is not painful and it is worth the benefits. I feel like a 50-some-year-old virgin in many ways. I understand my body now better than ever before. And Dr. Roy is so sweet and very reassuring. She told me, 'I will help you and you will have an orgasm.' She has the drive to want to help people and that is why I love her so much!"

Susan who came to me for help with menopausal symptoms

"I was seeing Dr Roy for aesthetic treatments and went to an open house for the Vampire Facelift treatment. I saw very positive results from that. It brightened my face and I was often told I look great, my skin looked great, and I was asked how I kept myself looking so good.

At a later visit, the subject of the O-Shot came up because I was having the experiencing the "sneeze and pee" incontinence. I decided to give it a try and it worked great - I do not have any more issues with incontinence.

It has been a very positive experience for me and it did not hurt at all. It was a simple procedure that I hope more doctors start offerings so more women can benefit from it."

C. C. who was having minor stress incontinence issues

"I started seeing Dr. Roy for hormone imbalance and some incontinence issues. I began with a hormone treatment and she told me about the O-Shot, which I went ahead and did.

At this point, she has me balanced out hormonally. Also, I had to wear underwear guards and I do not have to do that anymore. What is great about Dr. Roy is her thorough testing and questionnaire and how she spends so much time with you to help you identify your issues and possible solutions.

I will probably do the O-Shot again at some point. I was definitely feeling lethargic and had no libido prior to seeing her and now I feel so much better. She also helped me with diet and weight loss. She is very concerned about your total health and how it all works together. "

M. R. who wanted to deal with issues of incontinence and insensitivity

"I started seeing Dr. Roy because I was dealing with a rash and sinus headaches and after going to two dermatologists without getting results, I thought a holistic approach would be best. I did some work with Dr. Roy on diet and my issues cleared up. While working with her, I filled out her questionnaire and identified some other issues she could help me with such as incontinence and painful sex.

I have had the O-Shot twice and I think the first one really did the trick because I have seen less benefit from the second one. Since the first one, my incontinence issues have significantly improved and I can have sex again and enjoy it.

Other doctors I saw would just shrug or act like I did not say anything when I talked to them about sex being painful. I am amazed at how women's issues like this are not more heavily considered. I would recommend the treatment to anyone; it is amazingly helpful. "

S. B. who needed to address dermatological and health issues

"I have worked with Dr. Roy a great deal and I think the thing I found most significant was the PRP treatment I received on my face. I had really dark circles under my eyes because of family history and allergies. Dr. Roy just put a little PRP treatment around my eyes and lips - not even a full Vampire Facelift - and it made a big difference.

When my son came home from college, he said to me, 'Mom, your skin looks so great.' I think it was a big compliment that he could see such a difference. But at the same time, I did not look like I had cosmetic work done. People would just say, 'Oh, did you get a haircut' or 'Are you wearing new makeup' so they could see the difference, but they could not put their finger on what was done.

I did not really need the O-Shot when I had it done - I just volunteered to be part of a training for Dr. Roy. However, I still noticed a big change and so has my boyfriend. It was painless and very non-traumatic and I saw a difference pretty quickly. Orgasms are definitely stronger than before.

Dr. Roy never pushes her patients into things. From what I can tell, she always tailors her recommendations to the patient's needs and will do small things over major work. I think it is great that you can have small things done with her that really add up to a major impact instead of going through a surgery or something major."

R.V. who first received PRP treatment for aesthetic reasons

"I have an ongoing interest in evolutionary biology, so part of my motivation to receive the Priapus Shot was the science. I have a willingness to be a guinea pig where I do not see much downside or risk and that was the case here.

In my case, I was taking an oral medication that had negative side-effects that included sexual issues. PRP treatment was something that I thought could help with that so I had the Priapus Shot done. The results of the PRP treatment were positive though they do diminish over time.

I have had three shots now in a little over a year and I will continue the process as I do see benefit from it. I would also recommend it to others."

Anonymous - Actual Patient of Dr. Lisbeth Roy

"My wife was going through menopause and we were looking into treatment options. That's how we came to know Dr. Roy. My wife began with hormone treatment and eventually got an O-Shot and it really worked well for her.

After my wife had seen Dr. Roy a couple of times, I went through an evaluation and decided to switch from a testosterone shot to pellets per Dr. Roy's recommendation. That ended up working really well for me. I originally sought testosterone treatments because of fatigue, but eventually noticed issues with some sexual dysfunction. I have had the Priapus Shot twice now.

The first time, I did not try the pumping as much so now with the second shot, I am doing the pumping pretty regularly. I can tell you that it is pain-free and there is no downside to the treatment."

Anonymous - Actual Patient of Dr. Lisbeth Roy

"The O-Shot was a painless procedure and I saw quick results. The benefits lasted about eight months and I went back for a second shot when the upsides started to wear off. I did not have any sexual dysfunction issues to start with, but I would say the shot 'turned back the clock.' I experienced more firmness and fullness and increased sensitivity.

The treatment was pain-free and quick, which was my biggest concern. The whole procedure lasted 20 minutes. It was a very positive experience and I would do it again. I wish the benefits lasted a little longer, but it is worth the expense.

It is a very non-invasive procedure and what attracted me to it the most was that it was natural. There are no chemicals involved. What is being injected into you is based on your blood. It is just you going into you. "

Anonymous - Actual Patient of Dr. Lisbeth Roy

"I came to know Dr. Roy while receiving hormone therapy in her practice. I did not need to correct any sexual dysfunction because I was having great success with the testosterone treatments, but I thought I would see how the Priapus Shot could help.

To date, I have had three shots with Dr. Roy and still receive testosterone treatments every week. My experience has definitely led to increased sensitivity. I believe the benefits of the treatment start to subside after awhile, not reversing completing, but wearing off a bit so it is worth it to get more than one shot.

My wife received the O-Shot at the same time as I got my first treatment and we felt like it was a good expense for us. I would recommend the treatment to men. Everyone is different, but I think it is worth the experience.

I admit there was a little "fear factor" involved with having a needle in my penis and I think if most men hear that, they would say 'No way' but contrary to what you might think, it is not a painful experience. You do feel something during the treatment so it can be awkward, but not painful. There is no down time. You can literally have sex the same night."

Anonymous - Actual Patient of Dr. Lisbeth Roy

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